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The truth is that 80-90% of your search engine rankings depend on your link building strategy.
Most of the widely-publicized techniques of link building are nearly worthless because everyone has used and abused them to the maximum extent.


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Practically 80% of truly serious internet marketers have wasted an amazing percentage of their hard-earned money on using the services of self-proclaimed “link building experts” to set up low quality backlinks to their websites in the expectation of positioning high in search engines like google and have met with disappointment.

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Some experienced webmasters know about the pros and cons of the link building strategies. They always look for some inbound links that can improve the quality of the website. The quality high pagerank backlinks have some peculiar characteristics that can help in enhancing the quality of the website.

The backlinks of good quality can be derived only from the websites that are of good ranking and traffic. So it is better to get inbound links from websites that have more number of visitors rather than going for more number of backlinks.

Apart from the quality of the website from which the inbound links is derived, relevancy of the website is very important. The relevancy can be calculated based on the theme of the website and the services rendered by the website. If the website that provides back-link to another website has similarity in theme and services, then it is possible to receive relevant visitors through the search engine results.

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